Monday, November 17, 2008

Sorry! it's been a while

Hey there, sorry about the wait for anyone who actually looks at this. I once had a wireless internet connection, but its bitten the dust and still has yet to be replaced, so in frustration with the slowness of the internet without it I've put off the blog. I won't be writing much more than this for a while, I'm hoping to get reconnected shortly after my birthday.

So while I'm on here, I might as well make a quick quick update. Swimming is officially over now. for my high school career it is over forever.. so weird... but I am enroute to getting a coaching license so i can come back and assistant coach next year! also Water Polo begins in only one season, my senior year there as well. I'm determined to give everything I've got so we can take the state title this year! We actually have a team this year it looks like, not just a group barely big enough to play. So I'm expecting an interesting season! good!

Well, sorry for the crazy waits in between, I'll try to keep up when I have the time to test paiteience with this computer. haha. Goodbye friends!

Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm quite ashamed in all of you who voted Batman and made him win... how is Batman better than the rest? Mario is way better. I'm just glad Superman didn't win. that's all I have to say.

So thus has begun the next and final chapter of Highschool for me. Yippee... I would be more excited.. except it's sitll going on... haha. I'm pretty fond of my Anatomy class, even though it drags on. It's quite easy and enjoyable. Government however, sucks... I took AP Gov only because I wanted Baser as a teacher. I thought hey, I hate government... but I'll catch on! Well, I was a little off... I'm trying though! Best part of that class is that my desk is black moon chair that hangs in the back of the class. I like being assigned to sit in a lounge chair. except I fell asleep the other day... that was bad...

Choir is going well I suppose. it's just different.

Swim could be going better. but that's just because I'm struggling to hold myself together. quite literally actually. it appears after 3 years I have just continually gotten worse and worse (as was expected) and now I have to be constantly fearing the very broad chance that my arm will just pop and fall limp out of place at my side as a burning sense of searing pain jets through my nervous system. It's so..... normal... that it's almost sickening, but i can't seem to get used to it. I'm the handicap! haha woohoo!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You know...

You know... there are just somethings you wish you could forget but two days days in a row are shoved into your face. Dont ya hate it when that happens? All my doctors ths week have noted that I am short and notoriously overweight... Yes, I realize that, thank you world... haha but, I decided now that I have no excuse to sit at home lazy all-day I'm going to fix atleast... well.... half of that problem.

My Doctor told me by the time I die I may grow another quarter inch, that's all... that'll put me at a whopping 5foot 8.9inches. not even 5 foot 9.

Males who are a measly 5 foot 8 and are supposedly athletic probably shouldnt weigh barely under 200 pounds. they tagged that one on too! Haha I love it when doctors sugarcoat things like that!

But hey, it wasn't all bad... I mean for the first time in 3 years I had a doctor say "Hey, your shoulders are pretty messed up, have the really been hurting for 3 years? you really should get that checked out, there is nothing normal about that." Hmm... someone got the picture! no way?! you mean I'm not making it up? This is completely new, thank you, world of science, for finally realizing i'm not normal! It's a step up for you!

I didn't intend this to sound whiny by any means, I just think it's funny what the doctors have to say to me. that's more than normal. Growed ups might actshowee stawt paywing attenshun two mee noww!! But, I guess that's a little too strongly inferred. Oh well!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm home!!

I ended up beating the Elite Four. I'm just awesome. haha i didn't evolve anyone and they weren't quite to the levels I wrote out, I got impaitient. But I won!

Anyways... the title of this post is that I am home! Most of you probably didnt even know I left. I went to Utah for a while to see some family and to stay with my Cousin Lauren whom a few of you met (sorry if you didn't we tried). that's why i didn't get to talk to many people or make any blog posts pretty much for about a week. I made the last one via Lauren's laptop. Which not long after, the internet stopped working and I didn't really have a chance to fix it. so ya. I am home! However, I'm a little booked up until like Thursday of this week though. Well, I just wanted to tell everyone that I am home. and I'll see you guys all soon I suppose.

This is my cousin Lauren!

This is my cousin Lauren with our friend Mr. Sox.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pokemon Silver!!

Okay So I borrowed a copy of Drew's Pokemon silver for Gameboy and started playing it the day after the party. I'm about to face the pokemon league now! My party is really bizarre and not very strong... but I think they can do it. when I go to fight them I'll have a party that looks like this.

Haunter, Lvl 38
Graveler, Lvl 41
Gyarados, Lvl 41
Pidgeot, Lvl 42
Kadabra Lvl 50
Feraligator Lvl 50

I need to Evolve my Graveler Kadabra and Haunter... then I think I can win. Hahaha.

I'll keep you posted when I win. Ha ha ha. It might be awhile, I've actually got something to do now...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Alright so This past Thursday the 17th we had our Pokemon Party. But that's not a way to tell a story!!! So let's start from the beginning! Me and my friend Drew Fullmer (Yes for all you out there that still shudder in confusion of that idea me and Drew ARE friends.) decided that we needed to gather all of our best Pokepals and have a giant shindig of a Pokemon celebration. So we did of course! Because we're awesome like that. So anyway, we attempted to put a guess list together and decided no party is a party without Amy Root. But we weren't sure if she could pull off being a pokefan so we mutually agreed that (since she actually really wanted to come) if she was gonna come, she would have to dress-up like Pikachu! (which she did bytheway, I've got a picture =p)

(Gotta Love Amy Root)

anyways, Me and Drew went to work on planning things we needed games to play and how to make Amy look like a pikachu. (We even had planned once to make her a taser, I could've but I ran out of time and couldn't get all the parts right away anyway, besides... Amy with a taser is a frightening concept we decided that night.) We went down to Wal-mart (or "Wally World" if you're Drew and like confusing people) one night with Amy and bought all sorts of party favors and decor. We decided since everything comes in packages of 8, we would invite 8 people. so we got 8 dinner plates. 8 Dessert plates. 8 cups. (Me and Drew bought cooler cups and called them the Host cups, we're the champions I guess) we bought packages of those cool cube things that fold around and show different pictures, and we bought packages of Pokeball Sweat bands, and we could a giant table cloth, and pokeball party streamers. Then, through out the week in preparation, we made a mask for Amy, Drew baked a chocolate cake and decorated it like a Pokeball. he made a pin the tail on the Pikachu. and we printed out numerous Coloring pages. The guest list became Me, Drew Fullmer, Amy Root, David Kingsley, Zach Carpenter, Alicia Spencer, Scott (ya I suck and forgot his last name), Kegan Fullmer, and Jonathon Silva. (Yes I realize that's 9, Alicia just kinda showed up...). I don't know what all there is to say about the party other than that we didn't do half of what we had planned. But it was still crazy fun. we went through pokemon card collections, played with our pokemon figurines, colored the pokemon pages, had pokemon battles and played pin the tail on the pikachu. (David totally pinned it perfectly in the right spot. Zach pinned Kegan's name on the wall. and Amy pinned Jonathon as he was walking in late through the front door.) I don't think anyone walked away upset from that party how can you be upset with a bunch of highschool and college kids playing and talking about pokemon like we're still in 3rd grade? All I have to say is


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jeremiah WAS a bullfrog

So Monday night, me and my friend Sara (as you may have read on her blog) attempted to go running together, but as usual, were a little too overzealous, and a little lazy both at the same time, so it didn't really work that well... However at the park where we were attempting this at, the basin we were running through was flooded. And that of course means DUCKS!! so as we were running we mad it halfway aroudn the basin zigzagging up and down the hills all the way (harder than it sounds trust me) we started walking a bit to rest before we started up running again. Then we heard what we both thought was a duck... but not a healthy duck, it sounded sick/dieing. it was depressing. But I thought it'd be funny if I tried to talk to it, and it kinda worked, it responded, so we both... Croauacked(?) at eachother. until Sara realized we were pretty close to it. so we started looking for it. And we were right at the base of the "marsh" and she had her face right next to the water confused because we couldnt see it and SPLASH!!! A frog jumped out into the marsh making both of us jump and we both simultaneously burst out in laughter, in fact Sara quite literally fell to the floor laughing, and hit her head. I helped her up and for about 10 minutes we hunted the little frog until she somehow caught it accidentally with her freshly uncasted hand. Good snag!! and so we carefully got him back to my car, but we had no idea what to do with it, I remembered I had a couple of gallon milk jugs in the back (empty I promise) but no knife to cut it open. So I drove to my friends house and ran in to his room, I couldnt find a knife so I took a sword off the wall and chopped it open!! It was hardcore. but anyway, then I ran out into the car we filled the bas of the jug in water and put the frog in it. then tried to find it a permanent residence and failed... it was slightly depressing and we ended up having to put him back in his home... Sad part was, when we put him back it took him a while to leave. He may have actually liked us... I guess we'll never know... But he's free now... he was a good man... er.... frog.

"In Memory of Jeremiah Trevor Terasuki"

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Infamous Introduction

Hello there!

In case you don't know me, or couldn't find my name. I am Joshua Lindblom. I'm your supposedly average High School Senior, just trying to find my place, my niche, my purpose. Life is a journey and adventure, dangerous as it may be, everyone has had their moments, and their times to shine. I'm on the verge of a new "reandezveau" and it's time for me to start my future. "Spelunking". So I'll know the exit route before I need to get there in the dark. For those who are interested in keeping up with me, I'm going to document, well, whatever my mind tells me to. Maybe I should plug a caution on there...

"Caution: Thoughts from wells of insanity"