Monday, November 17, 2008

Sorry! it's been a while

Hey there, sorry about the wait for anyone who actually looks at this. I once had a wireless internet connection, but its bitten the dust and still has yet to be replaced, so in frustration with the slowness of the internet without it I've put off the blog. I won't be writing much more than this for a while, I'm hoping to get reconnected shortly after my birthday.

So while I'm on here, I might as well make a quick quick update. Swimming is officially over now. for my high school career it is over forever.. so weird... but I am enroute to getting a coaching license so i can come back and assistant coach next year! also Water Polo begins in only one season, my senior year there as well. I'm determined to give everything I've got so we can take the state title this year! We actually have a team this year it looks like, not just a group barely big enough to play. So I'm expecting an interesting season! good!

Well, sorry for the crazy waits in between, I'll try to keep up when I have the time to test paiteience with this computer. haha. Goodbye friends!

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Brandon Randall said...

You should update sometime. Because I actually look at this here blog once in a while... :D