Monday, July 21, 2008

Alright so This past Thursday the 17th we had our Pokemon Party. But that's not a way to tell a story!!! So let's start from the beginning! Me and my friend Drew Fullmer (Yes for all you out there that still shudder in confusion of that idea me and Drew ARE friends.) decided that we needed to gather all of our best Pokepals and have a giant shindig of a Pokemon celebration. So we did of course! Because we're awesome like that. So anyway, we attempted to put a guess list together and decided no party is a party without Amy Root. But we weren't sure if she could pull off being a pokefan so we mutually agreed that (since she actually really wanted to come) if she was gonna come, she would have to dress-up like Pikachu! (which she did bytheway, I've got a picture =p)

(Gotta Love Amy Root)

anyways, Me and Drew went to work on planning things we needed games to play and how to make Amy look like a pikachu. (We even had planned once to make her a taser, I could've but I ran out of time and couldn't get all the parts right away anyway, besides... Amy with a taser is a frightening concept we decided that night.) We went down to Wal-mart (or "Wally World" if you're Drew and like confusing people) one night with Amy and bought all sorts of party favors and decor. We decided since everything comes in packages of 8, we would invite 8 people. so we got 8 dinner plates. 8 Dessert plates. 8 cups. (Me and Drew bought cooler cups and called them the Host cups, we're the champions I guess) we bought packages of those cool cube things that fold around and show different pictures, and we bought packages of Pokeball Sweat bands, and we could a giant table cloth, and pokeball party streamers. Then, through out the week in preparation, we made a mask for Amy, Drew baked a chocolate cake and decorated it like a Pokeball. he made a pin the tail on the Pikachu. and we printed out numerous Coloring pages. The guest list became Me, Drew Fullmer, Amy Root, David Kingsley, Zach Carpenter, Alicia Spencer, Scott (ya I suck and forgot his last name), Kegan Fullmer, and Jonathon Silva. (Yes I realize that's 9, Alicia just kinda showed up...). I don't know what all there is to say about the party other than that we didn't do half of what we had planned. But it was still crazy fun. we went through pokemon card collections, played with our pokemon figurines, colored the pokemon pages, had pokemon battles and played pin the tail on the pikachu. (David totally pinned it perfectly in the right spot. Zach pinned Kegan's name on the wall. and Amy pinned Jonathon as he was walking in late through the front door.) I don't think anyone walked away upset from that party how can you be upset with a bunch of highschool and college kids playing and talking about pokemon like we're still in 3rd grade? All I have to say is



Katie Wilson said...

Amazing!!! Next time you have a pokemon party, PLEASE invite me! Trust me, i was a part of the pokemon fact, i still have the vast collection of cards :) hahaha well hey i miss ya lots we need to hang/chat sometime!

Marilee said...

Hey you mr!! whats happenin?!? We need to play before i leave

Marc Johnson said...

oh dear!