Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You know...

You know... there are just somethings you wish you could forget but two days days in a row are shoved into your face. Dont ya hate it when that happens? All my doctors ths week have noted that I am short and notoriously overweight... Yes, I realize that, thank you world... haha but, I decided now that I have no excuse to sit at home lazy all-day I'm going to fix atleast... well.... half of that problem.

My Doctor told me by the time I die I may grow another quarter inch, that's all... that'll put me at a whopping 5foot 8.9inches. not even 5 foot 9.

Males who are a measly 5 foot 8 and are supposedly athletic probably shouldnt weigh barely under 200 pounds. they tagged that one on too! Haha I love it when doctors sugarcoat things like that!

But hey, it wasn't all bad... I mean for the first time in 3 years I had a doctor say "Hey, your shoulders are pretty messed up, have the really been hurting for 3 years? you really should get that checked out, there is nothing normal about that." Hmm... someone got the picture! no way?! you mean I'm not making it up? This is completely new, thank you, world of science, for finally realizing i'm not normal! It's a step up for you!

I didn't intend this to sound whiny by any means, I just think it's funny what the doctors have to say to me. that's more than normal. Growed ups might actshowee stawt paywing attenshun two mee noww!! But, I guess that's a little too strongly inferred. Oh well!

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Kylie said...

Good for the medical profession finally catching on! Now we know why we pay them so much...