Friday, July 25, 2008

Pokemon Silver!!

Okay So I borrowed a copy of Drew's Pokemon silver for Gameboy and started playing it the day after the party. I'm about to face the pokemon league now! My party is really bizarre and not very strong... but I think they can do it. when I go to fight them I'll have a party that looks like this.

Haunter, Lvl 38
Graveler, Lvl 41
Gyarados, Lvl 41
Pidgeot, Lvl 42
Kadabra Lvl 50
Feraligator Lvl 50

I need to Evolve my Graveler Kadabra and Haunter... then I think I can win. Hahaha.

I'll keep you posted when I win. Ha ha ha. It might be awhile, I've actually got something to do now...

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