Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm home!!

I ended up beating the Elite Four. I'm just awesome. haha i didn't evolve anyone and they weren't quite to the levels I wrote out, I got impaitient. But I won!

Anyways... the title of this post is that I am home! Most of you probably didnt even know I left. I went to Utah for a while to see some family and to stay with my Cousin Lauren whom a few of you met (sorry if you didn't we tried). that's why i didn't get to talk to many people or make any blog posts pretty much for about a week. I made the last one via Lauren's laptop. Which not long after, the internet stopped working and I didn't really have a chance to fix it. so ya. I am home! However, I'm a little booked up until like Thursday of this week though. Well, I just wanted to tell everyone that I am home. and I'll see you guys all soon I suppose.

This is my cousin Lauren!

This is my cousin Lauren with our friend Mr. Sox.

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Marilee said...

haha dude your cuz is awesome!!